mining equipment
head stations

We designing different types of head stations and conveyors up to 2600mm belt width
• Fixed head station on pontoons, moving by transport crawler
• Mobile head station on crawlers
• Flat end head station on crawlers

mining equipment
conveyor components

Design of all conveyor components:
• Conveyor module – standard frame
• Ascending bridge
• Hooper car
• Tripper car

mining equipment
parts of mining machines

We are designing parts of big mining machines excavators,spreaders, belt wagon, crushers…
• Loading conveyors
• Bridge conveyors
• Discharge conveyors
• Counterweight boom
• Crusher chute and parts

material handling - conveyors

In-plant conveyor systems are utilized within the mining, minerals processing and power generation industries to receive/unload, stockpile, reclaim, and deliver ore, fertilizer, coal and a variety of other bulk material within a plant.

Conveyor system with tripper car and Bridge stacker
Conveyor system with discharge tower
Radial stacker
Conveyor system including bridges and towers
Conveyor system including bridges and towers


Designing cranes for various purposes
• Bridge cranes
• Portal cranes
• Jib cranes

coke oven machines

Designing of coke oven machines with hydraulic or electric drives, full automatic.
• Charging cars
• Pusher machines
• Coke transfer machines
• Quenching cars